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An E Learning Company

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Sheena Travels, Chicago

Sheena Travels

Travel agency, Chicago

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Sheena Haj & Umrah Services, Chicago

Sheena Haj & Umrah Services

Travel agency, Chicago

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Euro Tandoori Nation

Eruo Tandoori Nation

Tour Operator, Paris

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AMPM Security Services, Sydney

AMPM Security

security service company based in Sydney.

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Skyhawk Travel

Skyhawk Travels

Travel group based in Chicago

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About me

An honest, modest, creative and attractive hero

I am a freelance graphic, user interface and web designer from Hyderabad, India having 4+ years of experience in designing responsive websites, logos, posters, ads, blogs and anything that can be classified as "creative."

Presently I am working as a user interface designer for "Instancy Software" - an E Learning company in Hyderabad with main office in USA, for more than 2 yrs.

When i am not designing you will find me enjoying the outdoors, spending time with friends and family, trekking, listening to music, watching ads on tv, playing snooker.

If you would like to discuss a project, get in touch. I'm currently available for freelance opportunities.

Rehman Baig Mirza - Freelance Graphic & Web Designer

A little more about me

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Rehman Baig Mirza Web Designer, Hyderabad Hyderabad, India
Website Design Freelance website design, Hyderabad webdesign
Creative Web designing Website Design, Hyderabad, India Freelance Web Designer, Hyderabad, India
Responsive Web Designer, Hyderabad, India Responsive website design Hyderabad Freelance website design
Web design company graphic and web designer, Hyderabad User Interface Designer, Hyderabad, India

This is what I do

Sweet coding, Delicious designs

Responsive Website Design


Provides beautiful and high-end web desing and development for web and mobile to client of all sizes.

Logo Design


Your brand’s visual identity includes the logo, typography, colour, etc - We help you bring your message effectively and make sure people recognize your work from miles away.

SEO Serivices


I can help bring users to your website by making it easier to find. I increase your rank on the search engines, create great ads using Google Adwords and use Social Networking Tools to get your business in front of potential clients

Photos and Icons for Website Design


Could not find stock images. let me know I will get photoshoot and make sure every pixels looks at its best

Videos for Website Design


Need a cool demo video for your website? Our own Spielbergs are ready for some cinema quality stuff.

This is how I do

Well...everything has a process

  • Connect

    Let's meet and discuss about your project I'll make sure the tea (or coffee) is hot and the juices are fresh

  • Design

    After discussion, it's time to tranlate the ideas into design.

  • Preview

    If everybody likes the design I will begin to launch the project

  • Launch

    Launch the project and tell everyone about the project


I would love to hear from you. Tell us about your project, your questions, or even your favorite flavor of ice cream.

Hyderabad, India
Call me on
+91 9703 844 961